Russia has a plan to compete with SpaceX—but it has a flaw
The Russian plan seems to depend on SpaceX standing still.

As recently as 2013, Russia's venerable fleet of rockets commanded nearly half of the global share of the commercial launch market. Since then, the emergence of other players, most notably SpaceX, has considerably shrunk the once-dominant Russian position.

This year, although Russia has made 17 successful orbital launches, only about a third of them have flown for paying customers other than the Russian government or the International Space Station. By contrast, SpaceX has made 16 launches this year, 11 of which have been for commercial customers. A SpaceX projection for 2018 suggests that disparity will continue to grow if the company continues to increase the flight rate of its Falcon 9 rocket.
Blue Origin is on Track to Launch Their New Glenn Rocket in 2020

The Jeff Bezos space company Blue Origin is getting closer to launching their heavy lift vehicle. They're in the process of creating a specialized launch facility at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for the rocket. All of this means that Space X is going to get some much needed competition and the end result is going to be much reduced launch fees.