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    R600 won't use 250W

    On the contrary to what the Inquirer claimed before the R600 won't be wasting 250 Watts. This doesn't mean that it is environment friendly however, the new estimate is still 180W.

    Apparantly there won't be a 3 slot cooler, how it will be cooled is still a mystery though. Your guess is as good as mine.
    On the bright side, you won't need a 1KW PSU to power the R600, it will come with an external powersupply. Then again I'm not that sure that this is a bright side


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    O Inquirer é uma treta!! O melhor mesmo é esperar pelo produto final... eles dizem uma coisa, um mês depois é outra, enfim!!

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    Se for verdade e como aquelas 7800GT Dual que levavam com o transformador que e para nao chatear muito

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    ainda assim 180W é abusivo mesmo. isso em PT no verão com 40º é só arder.
    não estou a ver como a placa se vai aguentar.

    *** AquaPC desde 2002 ***

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    Watercooling logo de origem se nao

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    a ATI reduziu o tamanho da VGA (diz-se k vai ser do tamanho da x1950xtx)

    ATi R600 Card Re-Design In Progress

    A re-design for R600 card and cooling is currently underway to make it shorter and better cooled. The original R600 card design is 12 inches long and ATi is probably trying to shorten it to at least 8800GTX length. The Inquirer has recently reported ATI has already produced some first R600 cards that are clocked lower to send out to game developers for debugging and optimizing their games for R600. The R600 card we seen will conform to the new PCI-SIG graphics spec of delivering 225/300W power for high-end graphics cards. Therefore it will have a new 2x4 pin connector for additional power on top of the current 6-pin connector.


    O INQ diz k os consumos vao andar na casa dos 200/220Wts

    ATI R600 can only manage 16 pixels per clock

    Part 1 of 2 16 ROP units only, but is more than equal match to G80

    MANY THINGS ABOUT ATI's upcoming R600 are surprising, to say the least.

    First of all, the GPU is a logical development that started with the R500Xenos, or Xbox GPU, but without the 10MB eDRAM part. Unlike the Xbox GPU, the R600 has to be able to support a large number of resolutions and, if we take a look at today's massive 5Mpix resolutions, it is quite obvious that R600 should feature at least five times more eDRAM than Xbox 360 has.

    DAAMIT kept the RingBus configuration for the R600 as well, but now the number has doubled. The External memory controller is a clear 512-bit variant, while internally you will be treated with a bi-directional bus double the width. The 1024-bit Ringbus is approaching.

    Since the company believes this is the best way to keep all of the shading units well-fed, the target is to have 16 pixels out in every clock, regardless of how complex the pixel might be. But, don’t think for a second that R600 is weaker than G80 on the account of ROP units alone.

    We also learned the reason why the product was delayed for so long. It seems that ATI encountered yet another weird bug with the A0 silicon, but this one did not lock the chips at 500MHz, but rather disabled the Multi-sampling Anti-aliasing (MSAA). At press time, we were unable find out if the A1 revision still contains the bug or not. Retail boards will probably run A2 silicon.

    R600 isn't running on final clocks yet, but the company is gunning for 700 to 800MHz clock for the GPU, which yields pixel a fill rate in the range of G80's or even a bit more. In terms of shading power, things are getting really interesting.

    Twenty-four ROPs at 575MHz equals 13.8 billion pixels per clock, while 16 ROPs at 750MHz will end up at 12.0 billion pixels. At the same time, expect ATI to far better in more complex Shader-intensive applications.

    Regarding the number of shaders, expect only marketing wars here. Nvidia has 128 Shader units, while the R600 on paper features "only" 64. However, don't expect ATI's own 64 Shaders to offer half of the performance. In fact, you might end up wildly surprised.

    ATI's R600 features 64 Shader 4-way SIMD units. This is a very different and complex approach compared to Nvidia's relatively simple scalar Shader units.

    Since R600 SIMD Shader can calculate the result of four scalar units, it yields with scalar performance of 256 units - while Nvidia comes with 128 "real" scalar units. We are heading for very interesting results in DX10 performance, since game developers expect that NV stuff will be faster in simple instrucions and R600 will excel in complex shader arena. In a way, you could compare R600 and G80 as Athlon XP versus Pentium 4 - one was doing more work in a single clock, while the other was using higher clock speed to achieve equal performance.

    Regardless of your brand of preference, both G80 and R600 are extremely complex products which deliver hundreds of gigaflops of processing power and addressing wide range of usage models, from games to HDTV broadcasting and new baby named GPGPU usage. µ

    ATI AMD's R600 board is a monster

    Part 2 Most complex PCB and the heaviest 3D card ever

    IT SEEMS the board which will DAAMIT will use as a host for its R600 GPU and corresponding components features a number of innovations and improvements that are interesting, to say the least.

    First of all, you need to know that this PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is the most expensive one that DAAMIT has ever ordered. It's a complex 12-layer monster with certain manufacturing novelties used in order to support the requirements of the R600 chip, most notably the 512-bit memory controller and the distribution of power to the components.

    The memory chips are arranged in a similar manner as on the G80, but each memory chip has its own 32-bit wide physical connection to the chip's RingBus memory interface. Memory bandwidth will therefore range from anywhere between 115 (GDDR3 at 8800GTX-style 900MHz in DDR mode - 1.8GHz) and 140.1GB/s (GDDR4 at 1.1GHz DDR, or 2.2GHz in marketingspeak).

    This will pretty much leave the Geforce 8800 series in the dust, at least as far as marketing is concerned. O course, 86GB/s sounds pretty much like nothing when compared to 140GB/s - at least expect to see that writ large on the retail boxes.

    The R600 board is HUGE but funnily enough, biot in length. Even though the very first revision of the board was as long as the 7900GX2, back in late August/early September engineers pulled a miracle and significantly reduced the size of the board. Right now, they are working on even further optimisations of components, but, from what we saw, this is the most packed product in history of 3D graphics.

    The PCB will be shorter than 8800GTX's in every variant, and you can compare it to X1950XT and 7900GTX. The huge thing is the cooler. It is a monstrous, longer-than-the-PCB quad-heat pipe, Artic-Cooling style-fan on steroids looking beast, built from a lot of copper. Did we say that it also weighs half a ton?

    This is the heaviest board that will hit the market and you will want to install the board while holding it with both hands. The cooler actually enhances the structural integrity of the PCB, so you should be aware that R600 will bring some interesting things to the table.

    If you ask yourself why in the world AMD would design such a thing, the answer is actually right in front of you. Why is it important that a cooler is so big? Well, it needs to dissipate heat from practically every element of the board: GPU chip, memory chips and the power regulation unit.

    There will be two versions of the board: Pele comes with GDDR4 memory, and UFO has GDDR3 memory, as Charlie already wrote here. DAAMIT is currently contemplating one and two gigabyte variants, offering a major marketing advantage over Graphzilla's "uncomputerly" 640 and 768MB.

    Did we mention two gigabytes of video memory? Yup, insane - though perhaps not in the professional world, where this 2GB board will compete against upcoming G80GL and its 0.77/1.5GB of video memory. We do not expect that R600 with 2GB will exist in any other form than in FireGL series, but the final call hasn't been made yet.

    The original Rage Theatre chip is gone for good. After relying on that chip for Vivo functions for almost a decade, the company decided to replace the chip with the newer digital Rage Theatre 200. It is not decided what marketing name will be used, but bear in mind that the R600 will feature video-in and video-out functions from day one. The death of the All-in-Wonder series made a big impact on many people inside the company and now there is a push to offer biggest support for HD in and out connectors.

    When we turn to power, it seems the sites on-line are reporting values that are dead wrong, especially when mentioning the special power connectors which were present on the A0 engineering sample. Our sources are claiming they are complying to industry standards and that the spec for R600 is different that those rumoured. Some claim half of the rumours out there began life as FUD from Nvidia.

    For starters, the rumour about this 80nm chip eating around 300W is far from truth. The thermal budget is around 200-220 Watts and the board should not consume more power than a Geforce 8800GTX.

    Our own Fudo was right in a detail - the R600 cooler is designed to dissipate 250 Watts. This was necessary to have an cooling headroom of at least 15 per cent. You can expect the R680 to use the same cooler as well and still be able to work at over 1GHz. This PCB is also the base for R700, but from what we are hearing, R700 will be a monster of a different kind.

    As far as the Crossfire edition of the board goes, we can only say: good bye and good riddance.

    Just like RV570, the X1900GT board, the R600 features new dual-bridge connector for Crossfire capability. This also ends nightmares of reviewers and partners, because reviewing Crossfire used to be such a pain, caused by the rarily of the Crossfire edition cards.

    Expect this baby to be in stores during Q1'07, or around January 30th. You may be able to guess why this date is the target. µ


    vem ai AVIAO

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    ou NÂO !

    Isto não passa de 1 paper launch, como convém relembrar nesta guerra "ATI vs NVIDIA".

    Já nos habituamos a acontecimentos destes no passado, sendo alguns deles bem amargos aquando da chegada da hora H.

    As specs prometem, a realidade o dirá ..
    Sempre foi e será assim.

    A unica jogada possivel da ATI nesta altura do campeonato é esta mesmo.

    Com 2 meses e pouco de atraso em relação à concorrência não se esperava outra coisa.

    Não querendo tomar partidos de nenhumas as partes penso que no final quem sairá vencedor serão os "users".

    Deja vú ?

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    pois , como tem vindo a ser , a ATI lança sempre as VGAs mais tarde o k é uma vantagem e pois veem sempre ligeiramente melhores , por isso tb nao fikei admirado

    Mas vamos deixa-las sair , pelo vistos ja falta pouco tempo e depois logo se ve


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    Mais noticias acerca do R600

    Vejam as outras noticias pois sâo deveras interessantes, como por exemplo
    a plataforma bi-processador da AMD o 4x4......



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    Quanto aos consumos de cada uma creio que não vale apena especular, aquando das GTX e GTS foi a mesma coisa e no final até uma Levicom 450W levava com ela.....

    Quanto ao desempenho espero que sejam melhores que as da nVIDIA porque assim vai ser uma guerra acesa e vamos ter mais gráficas dx10 mainstream a sair rapidamente para o mercado


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    finalmente ja temos fotos do R600

    MAIS FOTOS >> http://www.beyond3d.com/forum/showpo...&postcount=674


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    isso é mesmo para alimentar esfomeados.

    como eu sou um gourmet...
    "Sábio é quem se contenta com o espetáculo do Mundo.: "

    novo formato!


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    Quero é velo cá fora, para depois se fazer uns testezinhos

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    andam ai rumores k vai sair DX10.1 já em fevereiro de 2007 e k o R600 já o deve suportar

    dx10.1>> http://www.elitebastards.com/cms/ind...=103&Itemid=29


    The R600 supports Tile Based Deferred Rendering.

    ....AND a new AA method! Called Red Mask Anti-Aliasing, or RMAA.

    cada dia k passa e xegam mais rumores isto vai ficando mto interessante

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    Pois fica
    A cena é que, quando chegarem, já a NVIDIA vem de lá com G81.

    A não ser que a ATI tenha desistido desta gama, e esteja já a preparar algo ao nível de um futuro G81.
    "Sábio é quem se contenta com o espetáculo do Mundo.: "

    novo formato!


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    a ATi alterou o R600 do que era para ser inicialmente .

    o R600 ja é de 80nm , vao ser do tamanho das x1950xtx , ja com GDDR4 e em principio tb vai haver uma versao com GDDR3 .

    a nvidia vai lançar G84 e G86 mas isto sao placas de gama media em inicios de março , , mas em relaçao ao G81 nao se sabe de nada ainda nem rumores ha


    eu tb sempre axei k as 8800 sairam mto cedo e k quando xegar altura de tirarmos mesmo proveito do dx10 a nvidia lança grficas melhores , foi mais um hype k outra coisa , mas ainda é cedo para tirasrmos conclusoes pois ainda nao vimos o desempnho das 8800 em dx10 até pode ser k sejam boas

    tb axo estranho k saia ja o dx10.1 em fevereiro e k G80 nao o suporte

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    mais umas fotos , vejam so o tamanho do bixo na ultima foto ao lado de Core2Duo , diz-se k devem vir com 512bit

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    confirmam-se as pics , vem ai bomba

    Southeast Asia-based media has published photos of what is claimed to be ATI’s next-generation R600 graphics processing unit (GPU). Without giving any particular details, the photos reveal somewhat strange placement of the relatively large chip on the substrate.

    Earlier it was reported that AMD/ATI code-named R600 graphics processor is the first ATI’s chip compliant with DirectX 10 standards. Previously released information also says that R600 will have 64 unified shader processors, 16 texture units, clock-speeds well beyond 650MHz – 700MHz and support for high-speed GDDR4 memory controller. Some sources also suggested that the R600 will have 512-bit physical memory interface.


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    hehehe eu tava pa comprar uma x1900xt ou x1950xt ...ainda bem ke fui pa uma x850 xt pe pa me aguentar kero um bixo destes !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    assinatura é pqa noobs ke na fazem nada da vida ..... PÁ VÃO ESTUDAR PÀ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAÇAM QQ COISA DA VIDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SIGAM EXEMPLO DO DUARTE PACHECO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Se os rumores se confirmarem, temos um bombardeiro a caminho.

    512bits já começa a fazer jeito com as resoluções altas e o hábito que o pessoal já tem em usar AA e AF.



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